We as Long Covid Support Group Höxter would like to share our experience to help you in case of suspected Long Covid. Many patients do not feel fully recovered after a corona disease. When symptoms last longer than 8 weeks, it is called Long Covid. It is important to know that many sufferers have already gone through a long marathon of doctors before they finally get a diagnosis. We know from our own experience how frustrating it can be not to be taken seriously or to be labeled as „psychosomatic“.

As a Long Covid Support group, we want to encourage you not to give up and to keep searching for answers. We can help you understand and explain the path to a Long Covid Post Covid diagnosis. We have already collected many tips and resources that we would like to share with you. We recommend that you write down a list of symptoms and their progression so that you can present them at doctor’s appointments or in the clinic. It is also important to have an open conversation with your doctor and insist that you are taken seriously.

In summary, we as the Long Covid Support Group Höxter would like to help affected patients understand and explain the path to diagnosis of Long Covid Post Covid. We recommend to stay persistent and not to get discouraged. We are happy to stand by you and share our experiences and resources to support you.

An important first step is to go to your primary care physician and talk openly about your symptoms. Also express suspicion that Long Covid may be present and insist on further testing. Even if there are no apparent or diagnostic abnormalities, you should not give up. Differential diagnoses must be made to obtain a diagnosis of Long Covid / Post Covid. Patience is the most important thing here.

It is also important to know what type of complaint you have in order to see the appropriate specialist. Often other specialists are then consulted to make a comprehensive diagnosis. Here is a list of which doctor should be consulted for which complaints:

General practitioner / family doctor: for non-specific symptoms or when a referral to a specialist is needed.
Internist: for cardiovascular symptoms, lung problems or problems with digestion.
Neurologist: for neurological symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, coordination problems or memory problems.
ENT doctor: for hearing problems or tinnitus.
Ophthalmologist: for vision problems or eye pain.
Orthopedist: for muscle pain, joint problems or back pain.
Psychiatrist or psychologist: for psychological complaints such as anxiety, depression or sleep disorders.
Remember that it is important to find out what your main symptom is, as this often points to the appropriate specialist. It takes patience and persistence to get the right diagnosis, but it is the first step in getting appropriate treatment and moving forward on the road to recovery.

It is advisable to contact a Long Covid outpatient clinic in NRW and Lower Saxony promptly, as waiting times are often several months. Make an appointment, because what you have, you have. Here are the contact details of the nearest Long Covid Outpatient Clinic:

Another Long Covid Outpatient Clinic is located at the Hannover Medical School. The contact number is: 0511/532-4115. You can find more outpatient clinics in Germany at Longcoviddeutschland.org. It is important to provide preliminary examinations and supporting documents from the general practitioners or specialists already involved. It is also advisable to keep a complaint diary to give the doctors a better picture and not to forget anything. It is also a good training for the memory.

There are also special PostCovid Outpatient Clinics for children, which are listed at postcoviddeutschland.org. A PostCovid Outpatient Clinic for children is located at Hannover Medical School and Kassel Hospital. It is important not to overwhelm the child or adolescent. Unfortunately, there are not yet as many outpatient clinics set up specifically for children compared to adults, but work is being done on this. The path to diagnosis is as described above.

It is important to exchange and share experiences as each person affected has their own experiences and tries different therapies. Patience and perseverance are critical, and it is important to listen to the body and manage the pace. There is no guarantee of cure, but there are ways to make life with Long Covid easier. A support group like our Long Covid Support Group can also be helpful.

If you have any questions, we are here to help.

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